Does Your Business Have a Split Personality?

Business Personality

Most companies are pretty good at serving their customers. Yes, there it is, I’ve said it. We all have war stories about bad service here and there, but generally I see most companies as being pretty good at meeting their customer’s needs. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t see them around – the companies we deal with… Read the full article >>

Bringing your money problems to work


During our Path Forward Leadership Workshops, and on our radio show/podcast The Boss Show, we often discuss the idea of bringing your whole self to work, of being authentic, and not having to wear a mask in your work life that results in you being a different person there than you are at home. So… Read the full article >>

The Most Important Training You Can Give Your Employees

Training your employees

So you spend a lot of money training your employees, making sure they know the basics of their job, the specific qualities of your products, and how to enter orders and expense reports on the company computer. You even conduct training on safety, and you make sure everyone understands that sexual harassment is a BIG… Read the full article >>

Are Bosses Really All That Bad?

Are bosses really bad?

In a business career spanning 40 years, including 15 years running a business that develops business leaders, I’ve become well-acquainted with the meme of “bad bosses.” We hear all about it in popular culture: My Boss Sucks. And there are the endless parade of surveys indicating alarmingly high percentages of employees who are disengaged from… Read the full article >>

It’s Not Failure We’re Afraid Of

by Steve Motenko Everyone talks about fear of failure.  But it’s not failure we’re afraid of. Failure, by itself, doesn’t feel bad. Screwing up is just a neutral experience — in a social vacuum.  What feels bad is when people find out we screwed up. Because what we’re really afraid of is rejection. A recent… Read the full article >>

What Communication Is Made Of

by Steve Motenko How do you deal with the coworker whose feelings seem to get hurt constantly?  who overreacts to the most innocent comments? who takes everything personally? On our podcast the other day, Jim (“The Business Guy”) asked me (“The Psychology Guy”) how to handle these people.  You can hear how I responded –… Read the full article >>

Rewarding Anger / Punishing Tears

by Steve Motenko I’m supposed to be an expert on workplace dynamics, partly because I co-host The Boss Show.  But I love it when one of our listeners suggests something profound that I’d never thought of. It’s about emotions in the workplace – a subject we discuss frequently and recently dedicated an entire episode to. … Read the full article >>

Review: “Does Someone Have To Go?”

by Steve Motenko Watching reality TV is, to put it mildly, not my thing.  At best, it’s voyeurism.  At worst, it encourages us to emulate the worst in human behavior. The very label “reality show” is absurd on its face, a true oxymoron. But I had to check out the newest workplace reality show, “Does… Read the full article >>

Give the Millennials a Break

Listen to The Boss Show’s lively podcast on this topic. by Steve Motenko Time Magazine stirred up the generational pot recently with an indictment of Gen Y’s, aka “millennials,” in the cover story, “The Me Me Me Generation.” Author Joel Stein – a millennial himself – presented all sorts of data showing millennials to be more… Read the full article >>

Following Your Passion – NOT Dead Wrong

by Steve Motenko In a recent, trending blog post, author Cal Newport says the old adage “follow your passion” is “the worst career advice.” Maybe he’s being spectacular to attract readers, but he’s so misguided, I got angry.  Most of us don’t honor our intuition, our values, our life energy near enough to live a… Read the full article >>