A tool is only useful if the culture believes in it

Imagine you’re the head of an organization that has poor sales discipline. The sales force is off doing their own thing, often at odds with one another, and often missing opportunities due to lack of coordination and communication. So, you say “Ahah! Here’s what we need – a CRM! A CRM will create disciplines in… Read the full article >>

Kindness and Leadership

I’m writing this just moments after I was treated to my afternoon cup of Java by the woman ahead of me in line at the coffee shop. We have never met, and we merely exchanged smiles. She bought, I accepted, I wished her well, and we both smiled again. No, she wasn’t hitting on me… Read the full article >>

What to do if your boss is an a**hole

It’s a kind of sport to complain about our bosses. Many of us complain a lot, at the dinner table, on the weekends, in our texts and social media posts, and in the angry conversations we have with ourselves as we drive home after a long day. Now, if your boss is genuinely an irredeemable… Read the full article >>

I was their friend. Now I’m their boss.

Many of us, in our elevation through the hierarchies of our organizations, end up getting promoted from a member of a team to a leader or manager of that same team. This can create a great deal of discomfort for you and for those who now face uncertainty about how to interact with their newly-found… Read the full article >>

Why work-life balance is such a dicey subject

Work LIfe Balance

In our client work, the issue of work-life balance comes up frequently. The subject often carries with it a significant amount of emotion and is usually raised by people who feel they aren’t achieving anything close to it. But if there are two people in the room, there are probably two different definitions, and therein… Read the full article >>

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


I was in high school during the last years of the Vietnam War, and I was struggling with my conscience as my 18th birthday approached and I became eligible for the draft. Luckily, history spared me this choice and the war ground to an end before I had to face the possibility of fighting in… Read the full article >>

Leadership in High-Tech: Two skill-sets in one package

Hi Tech Leadership

Organizational leadership is challenging in any case. It requires maturity, focus, discipline, and extraordinary skills of communication and relationship-building. Good leaders are “go-with-the-flow” people who also stand on a foundation of tremendous mental and emotional discipline. So good leaders are already a valued commodity. And I just read an article in our local business journal… Read the full article >>

Does Your Business Have a Split Personality?

Business Personality

Most companies are pretty good at serving their customers. Yes, there it is, I’ve said it. We all have war stories about bad service here and there, but generally I see most companies as being pretty good at meeting their customer’s needs. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t see them around – the companies we deal with… Read the full article >>

Bringing your money problems to work


During our Path Forward Leadership Workshops, and on our radio show/podcast The Boss Show, we often discuss the idea of bringing your whole self to work, of being authentic, and not having to wear a mask in your work life that results in you being a different person there than you are at home. So… Read the full article >>

The Most Important Training You Can Give Your Employees

Training your employees

So you spend a lot of money training your employees, making sure they know the basics of their job, the specific qualities of your products, and how to enter orders and expense reports on the company computer. You even conduct training on safety, and you make sure everyone understands that sexual harassment is a BIG… Read the full article >>