Let’s have a real conversation about your need to control

‘Control’ is one of those words that’s taken on an ambivalent or negative tone in recent years. There are few more trenchant criticisms than calling someone “controlling” or worse yet a “control freak.” As is so often the case, a word like “controlling” becomes a negative brand for a particular type of personality. However, in… Read the full article >>

Love, not happiness

We hear more and more about happiness at work, as people increasingly look to their work to be something more than an annoyance they deal with in exchange for a paycheck. The workplace for many people is not where they go to work, but where they go to fulfill dreams and aspirations, and where they… Read the full article >>

Culture in the workplace. And you.

One of the most challenging concepts for the business leaders we work with is recognizing culture and its impact on the organization’s progress. Or should I say, lack of progress? Our culture derives from what we believe to be true. It’s what we accept or adopt as the values and norms by which we show… Read the full article >>

Vision and Minding the Gap

In train stations in England, you’ll see the words “mind the gap” regularly. It’s a reminder for people to avoid getting their feet – or anything else – stuck in the narrow gap of space that exists between the incoming train car and the passenger platform. In our book “Land On Your Feet, Not On… Read the full article >>

How are Management and Leadership different from one another?

Well, first of all, let’s avoid the mistake of merely labeling people as either Managers or Leaders. Think of ‘manage’ and ‘lead’ as functions rather than individuals. Also, there’s a lot of overlap and mutual dependency between the two functions. People have written entire books to try to explain the difference between the two functions…. Read the full article >>

Quit your job so you can re-engage with it

I often surprise people by suggesting they write a letter of resignation and have it constantly at hand in written form, so they can sign it and hand it to their boss at a moment’s notice. Some people think it’s disloyal, or pessimistic, or somehow dangerous to have this incendiary document close at hand. Please… Read the full article >>

What to do if your boss is an a**hole (Part 3/3)

In part 1 and part 2, I suggested that first, you stop calling your boss an a**hole, and second, that you learn to talk to your boss about what’s bugging you. In part 3, I’d like to suggest that you become the best possible boss you can be to yourself. What does this mean? Even… Read the full article >>

What to do if your boss is an a**hole (Part 2/3)

In Part 1, I suggested that the first thing you need to do when dealing with an a**hole boss is to stop calling them an a**hole. In Part 2, I’d like to suggest the awful, scary, terrifying, epically tricky task of talking to your boss about the things that are bothering you. No, it’s not… Read the full article >>

A tool is only useful if the culture believes in it

Imagine you’re the head of an organization that has poor sales discipline. The sales force is off doing their own thing, often at odds with one another, and often missing opportunities due to lack of coordination and communication. So, you say “Ahah! Here’s what we need – a CRM! A CRM will create disciplines in… Read the full article >>

Kindness and Leadership

I’m writing this just moments after I was treated to my afternoon cup of Java by the woman ahead of me in line at the coffee shop. We have never met, and we merely exchanged smiles. She bought, I accepted, I wished her well, and we both smiled again. No, she wasn’t hitting on me… Read the full article >>