Questions: ask thoughtfully, respond objectively

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I have to confess. When someone asks me anything that questions my thinking or decisions, I have to get over an immediate response of resistance before I can hear the question objectively. I think I’m able to get over that speed bump pretty well most of the time, but the resistance is almost always there…. Read the full article >>

Federal versus state control and how it relates to your business

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The great debate about central versus local control If you’re a student of American history, you’re well aware the continuous and often acrimonious debate has been raging for over 200 years about the boundaries between central authority, in the form of the federal government, and local authority as represented by the 50 states and their… Read the full article >>

The cynical voice: how can we meet the deeper needs that our organizations and our world needs

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Even as we optimistically try to change the world by advancing the cause of good leadership, the cynical voice – occasionally my own – will sometimes win the day. Human beings are exasperating creatures. We say what we want and then have a devil of a time taking even the most obvious actions to meet… Read the full article >>

Controlling people vs controlling systems and processes

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One of the primary reasons companies have resisted work-at-home arrangements for their employees is their fear of losing control of the behaviors, actions, and choices of their employees. Of course, we need to have many things to control in our business if we are to be successful. We need to carefully design systems and processes… Read the full article >>

A thank you to the leaders in my life

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I’ve been emotional about what’s going on in the world, in my life and the lives of friends, associates, and family. As these emotions showed up for me, I had to admit to myself the things I’ve been holding back – storing my fears in a box which I had planned to open up later,… Read the full article >>

So, you have to lay-off some of your team

First of all, I feel for you, as I feel for those you have to let go. This is not what you signed on for. You wanted to build your business, not tear it down. You wanted to be the boss people loved and not the one that sent them home jobless. You want this… Read the full article >>

Some humble predictions for life after COVID-19

I’ve never done this – make predictions. I’m not a futurist or a sociologist or an economist, so take it for what you will. And some of these are less predictions than they are curiosities – things that I think might be possible. I believe this will put a new emphasis on financial conservatism in… Read the full article >>

The Undiscovered Country

I am wondering how we might all be different when this passes. Of course, there will be logistical responses, including new medical practices and safeguards that will protect us better in the future. Perhaps at the airport of the future, we will be scanned for sickness while our luggage is scanned for firearms. Maybe we’ll… Read the full article >>

Love in the time of Coronavirus

The first requirement of leadership is honesty. I’ll check that box right away — yes, this sucks. Another requirement of leadership is to keep fear at bay, or at least in perspective. This isn’t the Bubonic Plague, at least I don’t think so. I wish I had something better to offer, but there it is… Read the full article >>

Things our bosses do that make us stupid (part 6 of 6 ) – hiding bad news

Oh, the many things that make the workplace a stupid place. We’ve already discussed 5 of them in this blog series – here’s the last of them, for now. Our last stupid-making boss activity is hiding bad news. Some leaders and business managers think you can’t handle the truth, and I believe there are several reasons why… Read the full article >>