Let’s have a real conversation about helping people grow

Here are some variations on a theme I’ve heard from clients a thousand times over the years: I don’t know why I should have to tell my employees to show initiative. I don’t know why I should have to tell employees to show up on time for meetings. I don’t know why people don’t come… Read the full article >>

Let’s have a real conversation about losing a customer and gaining your mojo

Years ago, I was in a commissioned sales position with a paper distribution company. And when I say commissioned, I mean the 100% – no guaranteed income type of commission. It was early in my sales career, about a year in. Money was still tight, we were raising young kids, I was trying to make… Read the full article >>

Let’s have a real conversation about change and pain

Our society seems bent on eliminating pain – physical, psychological, or otherwise. This is an encouragement for you to experience pain in your professional life because, without it, I just can’t trust that you’re doing anything significant. The process of creating change is commonly shaped like the letter “U.” When we make changes in our… Read the full article >>

Let’s have a real conversation about quitting your job.

I’ve quit a few jobs over the years. I think I reasoned it all out pretty well when I did. I’ve never regretted my decision. But I know people who have drifted in their career, wandering from employer to employer looking for one that would “get them” and open up space for their talents to… Read the full article >>

Let’s have a real conversation about whether you’re hearing the truth

So you’ve arrived at a leadership position, and now you’re in charge of more people and more things – you’re more powerful than you’ve ever been. You’re being rewarded with a good income. When you walk the halls of your organization, you’ve noticed how everyone now pays more attention. You see more deference from others,… Read the full article >>

Let’s have a real conversation about your need to control

‘Control’ is one of those words that’s taken on an ambivalent or negative tone in recent years. There are few more trenchant criticisms than calling someone “controlling” or worse yet a “control freak.” As is so often the case, a word like “controlling” becomes a negative brand for a particular type of personality. However, in… Read the full article >>

Love, not happiness

We hear more and more about happiness at work, as people increasingly look to their work to be something more than an annoyance they deal with in exchange for a paycheck. The workplace for many people is not where they go to work, but where they go to fulfill dreams and aspirations, and where they… Read the full article >>

Culture in the workplace. And you.

One of the most challenging concepts for the business leaders we work with is recognizing culture and its impact on the organization’s progress. Or should I say, lack of progress? Our culture derives from what we believe to be true. It’s what we accept or adopt as the values and norms by which we show… Read the full article >>

Vision and Minding the Gap

In train stations in England, you’ll see the words “mind the gap” regularly. It’s a reminder for people to avoid getting their feet – or anything else – stuck in the narrow gap of space that exists between the incoming train car and the passenger platform. In our book “Land On Your Feet, Not On… Read the full article >>

How are Management and Leadership different from one another?

Well, first of all, let’s avoid the mistake of merely labeling people as either Managers or Leaders. Think of ‘manage’ and ‘lead’ as functions rather than individuals. Also, there’s a lot of overlap and mutual dependency between the two functions. People have written entire books to try to explain the difference between the two functions…. Read the full article >>