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Picture of a Great Boss

For your review and comment, as clear a picture as I can concoct of a great boss:

A great boss has a long-term, sky-high vision – and, (more…)

Please Just Respond

I know you don’t want to say no. I know when I call and ask you for something—an appointment, a favor, a return phone call—that I may not be the most important priority for you. (more…)

Overwork — or Flow?

I put in 12-14 hours of work on Monday, then again on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday.  And I loved it.  Not just enjoyed it – loved it.  Couldn’t get enough.

Am I a workaholic?  (more…)

Business Ethics, pt 3 – Dialogue

Following my presentation of a webcast on Business Ethics for the 200,000-member Human Capital Institute earlier this month, this is part 3 in a series.

Create the most compelling statement of organizational ethics imaginable.  Paint a stunning vision (more…)

Let Your Subconscious Work

I have often advocated for more “think time” – more reflective time — for business leaders.  But sometimes we can think our way into stupidity.

Have you ever tried to remember a word or a name, only to (more…)

Why Ethics Codes Aren’t Enough

I just finished presenting a webcast on Business Ethics for the 200,000-member Human Capital Institute.  You’ll have to excuse me – I’ve been consumed with the topic of ethics in business for the past few weeks.  This is part 2 (more…)

Giving thanks

I realize every year about this time that I’m not as thankful as I could be.

Like so many, I too often measure what’s wrong with my life.  In the measuring, (more…)

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Don’t know what you thought about last week’s election.  You and I may disagree vehemently over its meaning and its ramifications.

But I’d bet we’d agree on this:  the result, a house divided, will make it even less likely that (more…)

Toughest part of leadership

I surfed the ‘net today looking for answers to this question:

“What is the toughest aspect of leadership?”

Not surprisingly, I found a lot of answers.  Examples: (more…)

Rules & the Power of Trust

In a school district in New York, the power of trust – and the menace of mistrust – were demonstrated in an ironic way some years ago.

Until that time, administrators took time off (more…)

Life On the 50-Yard Line

I don’t know how to do things halfway.

Or said better, I don’t know how to do things halfway and enjoy it. How often are we fully engaged with what we’re doing – (more…)

The Perils of Leadership Training

Ever work for a bad boss?  You know how badly your team can suffer.  Morale, productivity, initiative – down the tubes.

Ever work for a great boss?  You know how your team (more…)

It’s About Us – and Me

A crucial question for leaders: How does your organization represent your best intentions, values, and thinking? And how does it not?

In today’s business world, (more…)

Telling Your Truth – Effectively

We don’t tell the truth anywhere near enough in our culture.  (That was the gist of my last post.)  And yet sometimes, telling the truth does more harm than good. (more…)

Afraid to Tell the Truth

We are afraid to tell each other the truth.

It’s a freaking cultural norm.   And it’s ruining our relationships and our organizations.


Leadership Smarts

Your computer would like you to be more like it. Don’t do it.

You are not a computer. Don’t try to operate like one.  The intelligence that fosters leadership is (more…)

First, Prioritize

Want to be a leader?  Learn to prioritize.

If you’re an expert at prioritizing your time, well, don’t read this — it’s not a priority.  But if you’re not a world-class prioritizer — (more…)

The Leader As Psychologist

“I just want to run a business. Do I have to be a psychologist, too?”

Yes you do.

How can you expect to run a business effectively without (more…)

Sink or Swim Often Means Sink

Remember The Peter Principle?

If you’re at least as old as I am, you’ll probably recall the splash it made when it hit #1, 40 years ago.  The book became a cultural phenomenon.  Its message, (more…)

Growing At Your Edges

If you’re perfect, disregard this.

All leaders have “growing edges.”  That’s a euphemism for personal challenges.  Which in turn is a euphemism for shortcomings, deficiencies, weaknesses, failings, limitations, flaws, or (more…)