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Are Bosses Really All That Bad?

Are bosses really bad?In a business career spanning 40 years, including 15 years running a business that develops business leaders, I’ve become well-acquainted with the meme of “bad bosses.” We hear all about it in popular culture: My Boss Sucks.

And there are the endless parade of surveys indicating alarmingly high percentages of employees who are disengaged from their work. The finger is almost always pointed at poor leadership as the cause of this disengagement.

Of course I’m not going to argue the point that many bosses really do suck. The list of sins is endless: greed, tone-deafness, bigotry, disorganization, crappy communication, and downright dishonesty, to name a few. And in our business, (more…)

Picture of a Great Boss

For your review and comment, as clear a picture as I can concoct of a great boss:

A great boss has a long-term, sky-high vision – and, (more…)

Yes to Micromanaging

… as an effective short-term management technique.

In leading management trainings at The Boeing Company, I used to teach about work styles.  And I’d tell the aerospace managers that (more…)

Overwork — or Flow?

I put in 12-14 hours of work on Monday, then again on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday.  And I loved it.  Not just enjoyed it – loved it.  Couldn’t get enough.

Am I a workaholic?  (more…)

Speaking Up

I’ve spoken recently with several women who’ve posed a form of these questions:

“Why do I have such a hard time speaking up?”

“Why do I so often (more…)

Let Your Subconscious Work

I have often advocated for more “think time” – more reflective time — for business leaders.  But sometimes we can think our way into stupidity.

Have you ever tried to remember a word or a name, only to (more…)

Giving thanks

I realize every year about this time that I’m not as thankful as I could be.

Like so many, I too often measure what’s wrong with my life.  In the measuring, (more…)

Choosing Not to Act from Ego

“My ego doesn’t get in the way.”

Know anyone who says that?  Chances are their ego is the size of a small planet.  They might genuinely believe they have no ego (which makes it worse), (more…)