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These are the insights of Path Forward, a leadership development firm comprising facilitators who have trained managers in some of the largest companies in Western Washington, including Boeing, Microsoft, Expeditors International, Gordon Trucking, and Gene Juarez.

Before founding Path Forward, company President Jim Hessler was a corporate executive and turnaround specialist after building a thriving career in sales and sales management.

In each of these posts, you will gain insights to inspire and challenge you. We always end with a tip or takeaway to help you apply the learnings to your own situation. We want this to be a two-way “path” — please contribute your feedback, questions, rantings, rotten tomatoes, whatever. After all, leadership, when done right, is an ongoing dialogue.

About the Author

Jim Hessler
Jim Hessler bootstrapped his way from retail work into a successful career as salesman, sales manager, Fortune 500 executive, and corporate turnaround engineer. Along the way, he developed The Leadership Platform, a proven model for training managers to become sustainably better leaders. It became the basis of his leadership primer, Land On Your Feet, Not On Your Face: A Guild to Building Your Leadership Platform. Jim is the founder of Path Forward Leadership Development Services.

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