It’s OK to be p***** off

I sometimes have an anger problem, in that I don’t think I should be angry, so I stuff my anger in a box. I do this because I believe, wrongly, that anger is always a failure of character, that I should be in control of my life, and my emotions such that anger just doesn’t show up.

Well, it’s here! I’m p*****, and it’s too big to put in the box. I just need to let myself be p***** and then find some way to express that without making the people in my life feel like paint is being peeled off the walls.

Journaling about things – which is partly why I write blogs – is helpful. Somehow just saying “I’m angry” seems to help.

And I’ve also learned not to let people tell me “there, there, everything’s going to be OK.” Because there are some things right now that aren’t going to be OK. We may be on our way to the disintegration of our democratic system. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to die because of, well, stupidity. And my grandchildren will live in a world of environmental destruction and challenges that I couldn’t have imagined. None of that is OK.

So, things aren’t OK, and I’m p*****. This doesn’t make me a bad person.

Now, taking action is essential and helps me with my anger. Doing anything I can to fight back, or to put a balm on suffering, or to provide a sympathetic ear – all these things are ways to get me through the day without punching holes through the wall.

How are you dealing with your anger? Let me know–

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