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Leadership qualities: cultivate culture

This is a good time to observe the culture of your organization and the cultures of the communities and the society around us. In Plank 3 of our leadership platform, we ask the questions about why people behave the way they do, and it can be surprising to see how many of our actions are reflexively cultural rather than driven by a thoughtful intention.

Take a deep look at your organization’s culture.  That’s hard to do because culture mostly operates beneath our awareness … unless we take the time to think about it.  If you take the time to reflect on it, then you have a chance of exercising a leader’s influence to change it – and to intentionally affirm and strengthen its positive aspects.

Listen to the audiobook version of Plank 3: Cultivate Culture as read by the authors, Jim Hessler and Steve Motenko.

  • Plank 3 Audiobook

Interested in taking a deeper dive? Take a listen to the following two podcasts, presented by Jim and Steve, where they play with some of the ideas and practices from Plank 3.

If the topic of culture intrigues you (and it should if you see yourself as a leader) check out this article. Also, one of our favorite books about organizational culture is The 5 Dysfunctions of A Team by Patrick Lencioni. It’s a profound yet practical exploration of what goes wrong in organizational cultures and how to fix it.