Leadership Workshop

In this foundational 13-month program, leaders at any level of the organization:

  • meet each month to explore a different strategic leadership focus area
  • apply what they’ve learned in disciplined, self-chosen, real-work situations, between meetings
  • meet with each other and with their supervisors between sessions to further momentum and deepen reflection and practice
  • dialogue on what they’re learning at each meeting, to receive feedback and make course corrections to further their growth as a leader

This is the recipe for sustainable leadership growth:  applying new insights to real-world situations over time, engaging in reflection and dialogue around these applied insights, thus learning from the results. We follow the acclaimed Leadership Platform model, as outlined in our book, Land On Your Feet, Not On Your Face.


Our Approach

Most leadership training programs fire up your management team, then send them back to work, minus any strategy for driving meaningful improvement and sustainable change.

The Path Forward Leadership Workshop is not a “one-day wonder.”  Here’s what makes the Workshop a proven builder of people and organizations:

The Path Forward Leadership Workshop is a practical, participant-led, disciplined approach to leadership development. The Workshop generates higher levels of awareness, critical thinking, motivation, and relationship, leading directly to enhanced personal and organizational effectiveness.  What we provide, simply, is a distinct competitive edge.

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