Our Approach

Leaders create the conditions for everyone else’s success—or failure.

So developing your leaders is critical. Path Forward’s programs grow leaders sustainably, so they can best help your organization thrive.  We employ a coaching (rather than teaching) approach, in which participants…

  • consistently apply the concepts learned to current work challenges
  • flesh out the learning through iterative cycles of reflection and practice
  • sustain their professional development with the support — and challenge – of a trusted cohort that shares challenges, successes, and best practices

The Path Forward approach is honest, time-tested and uniquely effective. We don’t “train” leaders …

we offer them a compelling vision of great leadership, then

we coach them

in small, intact groups over time,

to apply the learning to real work challenges

to show up in more effective ways—for good

“Human capital” is any organization’s #1 asset.

Path Forward helps companies leverage this asset to maximize efficiency and competitive advantage. Benefits:

  • less turnover / higher retention
  • fewer HR problems
  • greater employee motivation and satisfaction
  • enhanced efficiency — of the leader AND her/his direct reports

Our programs support leaders over their entire life cycle — from first-line manager to executive.

There is no magic bullet for becoming a leader.

One-shot workshops never “create” effective leaders. What does work?

Path Forward offers all the above, to maximize our clients’ success.

Contact us to learn how Path Forward’s offerings can launch your organization to extraordinary levels of success.