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The assessment below is designed to help you look deeply into the leadership environment in your organization and show you where some of the gaps may be. This assessment is a great first step to getting you and your organization primed for success.

Use this 5-point scale to answer each question:

1 = Strongly disagree
2 = Mostly disagree
3 = Sometimes agree, sometimes disagree
4 = Mostly agree
5 = Strongly agree


The quality of our management team, from supervisory level up to top management, is a distinct competitive advantage.


Our organization strongly emphasizes leadership development.


Our employee and leadership development programs help attract and retain the best talent for our organization.


We put a high level of importance on — and our managers are great at — the so-called soft skills, such as communication, motivation, and coaching.


By and large, our managers expertly deal with employee performance issues, interpersonal conflicts, and team dysfunctions.


Employees who are promoted in our organization almost always meet or exceed expectations in their new positions.


Managers and leaders in our organization enjoy consistently supportive and challenging mentorship and coaching from senior leaders.


Development doesn’t stop as managers move up the hierarchy. Even top executives are actively engaged in their own growth and development.


Leadership development is part of our strategic planning discussions; we are prepared at all times for the succession of talent into the top positions in the company.


We seldom hear employees complaining about their bosses.

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