Motivation 101a: The 2 Essential Drives

To motivate folks, you need to know what makes them tick, right?

Well, maybe not.  You can make them do stuff through intimidation.  And you can bribe them.  (more…)

An early retirement

Last Friday, on my father’s birthday, he walked away from a job he loved.  Due to health concerns, he gave notice to his employer.

For the past 24 years, for not much money, my father has been taking care of people. (more…)


If you have a close friend, relative, or associate approaching retirement age, you might envy them. A life free of daily work responsibilities has its charm. (more…)

The Power of “Detached Connection”

Last week I spent time with my extended family, whom I love to death. But this visit was unlike any other. I took on a different “way of being” — a leader’s way of being —and in so doing, everybody benefited. (more…)