Doing Your Best Work – at the Coffee Shop

Okay, so I live in Seattle and maybe this coffee shop thing is a bit more of a phenomenon here than elsewhere. But you can’t walk into one of the Seattle area’s four billion coffee shops these days without (more…)

Making Tough Conversations Easier

“Relationships succeed or fail one conversation at a time.”  How does that fit your experience, at work and at home?   (more…)

A Plan As An Act Of Optimism

It’s that time of year—to reflect on the old year and to start making plans for the new one. This year it seems harder somehow to think ahead. Times have been tough.

I read a column this morning about what we might dub the current decade (a la “the Roaring Twenties” or “the Fabulous Fifties”). The writer suggested the “Uh-Ohs.” Between 9/11, two difficult wars, Hurricane Katrina, a disputed election, a fractious body politic, and a deep recession, it might not be a decade to remember fondly. (more…)

The Myth of the Open Door

In the business world, certain ideas take hold in people’s minds perpetually. These axioms are taken as true without questioning, in part because they are repeated so often by so many people. (more…)

Questions for a Recession

There are signs the recession might—emphasize might—be working its way toward a conclusion. I’m sure many will join me in saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” But after sitting with a group of discouraged business people for several hours recently, and wanting afterwards to blow my brains out in despair, I decided I needed to shift my mind. (more…)

The Power of “Detached Connection”

Last week I spent time with my extended family, whom I love to death. But this visit was unlike any other. I took on a different “way of being” — a leader’s way of being —and in so doing, everybody benefited. (more…)