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The Business Haiku Blog

The Business Haiku Blog

I have been encouraged by some very questionable characters to offer you some business haikus.

Haikus are three-line poems in which the first and third lines contain five syllables, and the middle line contains seven. 

But haikus aren’t just rigid poetry forms — they are exercises in using minimal resources to maximum effect — a useful skill for any leader.  Given Shakespeare’s reminder that “brevity is the soul of wit,” writing haikus offers lessons in creativity — another useful leadership skill. So here are my humble efforts at brevity, with the hopes that some wit will surface as well:

There are leaders who,
When acting arrogantly,
Try to change others.

There are leaders who,
acting with genuine care,
Work on themselves first.

Where is my leader?
She has dissolved into tweets
And forgotten me. 

Managers are best
When they speak out from the heart,
Without too much skill.

How about a plan?
It’s inside the boss’s head?
Not very helpful……

I once had a boss
Who told me I was perfect.
What a stupid jerk.

Have you read this book?
It contains all the secrets!
What? There aren’t any?

Writing a haiku
Is wasting my time you say?
That’s for me to judge.



  1. Justify doing something wastefully creative today, by reading this brief Harvard Business Review article about “Rule #6.”
  2. Do something wastefully creative today. The world may need your poems more than anything else you can produce today!  

About the Author

Jim Hessler
Jim Hessler bootstrapped his way from retail work into a successful career as salesman, sales manager, Fortune 500 executive, and corporate turnaround engineer. Along the way, he developed The Leadership Platform, a proven model for training managers to become sustainably better leaders. It became the basis of his leadership primer, Land On Your Feet, Not On Your Face: A Guild to Building Your Leadership Platform. Jim is the founder of Path Forward Leadership Development Services.

2 thoughts on "The Business Haiku Blog"

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    You have really great taste on catchy article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

  2. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. 🙂

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