Retention Interviews

A tool for employee engagement during a tough labor market

We’re witnessing a significant movement of employees out of their current jobs. You’re likely experiencing challenges in today’s labor market retaining the talent you have and attracting new talent. Are you doing everything you can to understand this giant motion that’s taking place?

One of the practical things we’ve been recommending is the retention interview (or the stay interview). The retention interview is not only an opportunity to check-in and see what your risks are in terms of losing your people, but it’s also a wonderful conversation to have if you think about the original hiring interview in which your goal is to drive the conversation to depth.

In this one-hour webinar, Jim will discuss how to conduct retention interviews because we continue to emphasize how important it is to be talking to your employees about not only how they feel about their job and company, but their career and working life in general.

Two dates to choose from:

Wednesday, October 20, 9am-10am, Pacific   REGISTER NOW

Thursday, October 21, 1pm-2pm, Pacific   REGISTER NOW