Coaching to Success

According to “Fortune” magazine, companies that hire coaches for their executives report an ROI of roughly six times what the coaching cost the company. Often-cited benefits include:

  • retention
  • job satisfaction
  • morale
  • productivity
  • decision-making quality

If these results are produced in managers who are coached, what might a system-wide coaching approach to management produce?

In this 8-month program, an intact group of 8-10 leaders:

  • meet each month to explore a different strategic coaching capacity;
  • apply what they’ve learned, in disciplined, self-chosen, real-world situations, between meetings
  • meet with each other and/or their supervisors between sessions to further momentum;
  • reflect and dialogue on what they’re learning at each meeting, to receive feedback and make course corrections to further their growth as a leader

This is the recipe for sustainable leadership growth:  applying new insights to real-world situations over time, and learning from the results.

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