What’s Happening

Become the leader you aspire to be

The Path Forward Leadership Workshop

a year-long journey to your highest potential

Only a few seats remain for the Path Forward Leadership Public Workshop beginning this spring.

Most leadership trainings don’t improve leadership performance

The Path Forward Public Workshop takes a more honest approach.  Why is it so uniquely effective and acclaimed?

  • we take a coaching (rather than teaching) approach
  • we work with leaders in community, over one year
  • participants engage real-work issues
  • participants are accountable for stepping into their highest potential in their actions and interactions

When they graduate, participants are:

  • more highly respected by their teams and cultures
  • more organized, more disciplined
  • more motivated – and more motivational
  • more effective at creating accountability
  • more strategic in their view

… and thus, overall, more effective, more capable, and more satisfied in their leadership role


  • monthly half-day seminar
  • monthly leadership practices, applied to current work issues/opportunities


  • established and emerging leaders who want to grow
  • community of practice and challenge, comprising …
  • 1 or 2 leaders from several organizations

When & Where:

  • April 2011 – April 2012
  • Exact dates, venue TBD to meet needs of registrants


  • $295/participant/month

More info:

“The workshop helped our management team … improve in our roles as leaders, [through] practical, real word experience, which adds a great deal of credibility to the program.”      ~ Pat Gendreau,  V.P. for Organizational Development, Gordon Trucking