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In my blog post last week, “Perils of the End of Recession,” I challenged you to ponder how to keep your best employees from leaving when they once again have employment options.  Today I’d like to point you toward a workshop that will help you do that pondering, and lead you to develop an action plan for retention and motivation.

The workshop, set for the morning of Tuesday, June 8, at the Double Tree Hotel in Tukwila, WA is called

“The Challenge of Better Times:

When They Don’t Have to Work for You, Will They?”

It’ll be sponsored by Excell, the Executive Leadership Exchange.  I’ll be facilitating, along with my Path Forward business partner, Jim Hessler.

In this highly interactive workshop, you will:

  • explore how seriously the recession has eroded trust between employers and employees
  • explore the difference between what managers think employees want, and what employees really want
  • discover how to find out what your best workers are thinking about your organization and about their future
  • learn essential tools for motivation that (believe it or not) work better than money
  • create an action plan for keeping your “keepers”

For more information and to register, contact Dave Shapiro, CEO, Excell Executive Leadership Exchange, at

About the Author

Steve Motenko
Steve Motenko is an executive coach, leadership trainer, and co-host of The Boss Show, a weekly podcast on workplace dynamics. Steve and his Boss Show co-host, Jim Hessler, are co-authors of Land On Your Feet, Not On Your Face: A Guide to Building Your Leadership Platform. Steve lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, with his wife and dog, whom he loves, and a cat he tolerates usually pretty well.

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